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Established in 1990 Pecsa Analytical is a South African based supplier of scientific accessories and consumables, from such well known  manufacturers as Hellma, Pike Technologies, Specac, Heraeus and Bio-Rad Sadtler.
In addition to products for  such analytical techniques as UV/vis spectrophotometry, XRF, FTIR and Infra-Red Spectroscopy, Atomic Absorption (AA) and ICP Spectroscopy, we offer a range of Optical Immersion Probes and Fibre Optic Flow Cells for on line, and in-situ, analysis and measurement,  Software Databases for the analysis and identification of unknown materials, and a range of hand-held spectrophotometers for in-situ colour measurement.
Products include cuvettes and cells for UV/vis spectrophotometry, HATR, MIR & reflectance accessories for FTIR, windows, cells & hydraulic presses for Transmission Infra red Spectroscopy (IR), sampling cups and films for XRF, AA lamps (hollow cathode lamps  & deuterium lamps) for Atomic Absorption, and torches and nebulisers  for ICP. In addition we offer NIR, IR & UV probes for on-line analysis, GC/FTIR for identification of mixtures,  tray cells, micro plates and fluorescence cells for DNA/RNA analysis, plus a range of disposable plastic cuvettes for medical and forensic applications.
For more information on theoretical and practical aspects of the different analytical techniques, please view our Notes.

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