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PIKE Technologies
Training Course 
Problems with FTIR Spectra and How to Avoid Them
  Jenni Briggs, PIKE Applications Engineer and Ellen Miseo, SAS President will be presenting at PITTCON
Short Course 63
Wed., March 9
Trade Shows 
Booth 1651 
March 6-10 
Atlanta, GA
Booth 1009 
March 13-17  
San Diego, CA
Hall A2, Booth 219 
May 10-13 
Munich, Germany

Featured Video

01:45  IR Spectra Troubleshooting:
 What to do if you find inverted bands in your spectrum. Watch
A World of Spectroscopy Sampling Solutions           Spring 2016 

It's an exciting new year at PIKE. We are busy working on new products, applications notes and videos. Please download our latest Reflections Newsletter to get an overview and be sure to enter our New Challenge Contest, too!

Your Friends at PIKE Technologies
Make Booth 1651 your first stop at the PITTCON exhibition this year in Atlanta, GA. We will be featuring an array of sampling accessories plus a selection of our extensive line of automated products including our updated VeeMAX III. Talk with our enthusiastic team about your applications and enter to win one of four $200 gift cards!  
Performance Upgrades for VeeMAX III 
The Automated VeeMAX III now offers upgraded servo motors providing high precision and reproducibility for angle
Automated VeeMAX III and Polarizer with PIKE AutoPRO software.
setting. Decrease data collection time for experiments requiring multiple angle measurements such as with depth profiling studies. Read more about the VeeMAX III variable angle specular reflection and ATR accessory.
Monitoring Protein Secondary Structure During Thermal Unfolding and Aggregation 
Protein secondary structure during thermal unfolding and aggregation is readily acquired using IR spectroscopy and the PIKE Falcon temperature-controlled Mid-IR transmission accessory. Myoglobin served as a model system to illustrate the method. Read the Application Note>

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